Europeisk standard för Företagsamhets Kompetenser

It took some time, but, at last, in 2018 the European Commission published a framework that can be used as a standard 'development language' for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

It will take some more time before every involved party will make use of this standard. 'Not invented here' will certainly not be stopped easily, but in the end EntreComp will become the de-facto standard.

“Entrepreneurship is when you act upon opportunities and ideas and transform them into value for others. The value that is created can be financial, cultural or social.”
EntreComp creates a shared understanding of the knowledge, skills and attitudes that make up what it means to be entrepreneurial. It is a flexible reference framework designed to illustrate the competences that make up the entrepreneurship key competence, and to support and inspire actions to help develop this key competence in all areas of lifelong learning.


EntreComp seems, like a number of earlier projects, an effort to come to a common language, especially be meant for educational institutes and coaches, instead of on offering the young, unexperienced entrepreneurs, a means to create results.

It is clear that, while developing a common language, one chooses to start with defining the models and words of this language and the grammar. But the cognitive bias of the developers makes them sometimes blind for the real objective: better results of the young innovators' entrepreneurship.
Many times, though, we see that the project stops at publishing the competence model and leaving the rest to the market of educators and coaches.

EntreComp provides a solid and robust framework, and LDpe       (Bluefinger Innovation Center) has invested in connecting the framework, as building blocks, into its Leadership Development Toolbox, providing instruments, reports and overviews to the real end-users, the entrepreneurs of Startup- and Scale-Up organisations. 

LDpe's quests always starts at 'the end of the chain'. In this case the results of the entrepreneurs' operation and how to support him/her in bringing about these results.
For instance by accelerating the personal growth as a leader, and supporting this leader in establishing the organisation and a well balanced management team.
The self-knowledge and insights of this leader will be stimulated by the instruments and reports we provide and help him/her during the learning process. Not as a teacher or a coach, bur simple by being a tutor and explain, where necessary, the content of the provided information. 
In the above report, you see how the accelerated growth can be achieved, thanks to the simulation scenarios. This reports is just about the growth of the personal competences.
But, the (potential) leader needs more: how to set up the organisation and a well-balanced Management Team. For this, we refer to the Chapter Innovation&Change (in the blue banner at the top of this page, and the sub-page Scale-Up Roles.