Management teams have to manage, i.e. control the organisational processes. Management is an integral part of leadership.
In his publication about Strategic Management,  Ralph Stacey makes a difference between Ordinary Management and Extraordinary Management. [1]
With Ordinary Management he means the management focus on the ongoing production and delivery process, and with Extraordinary Management he means the Strategy cycle of adopting the changing environment and reshape the enterprise.

An important requirement for management teams is that the team, continuously critically challenges the prevailing paradigms of the organisation,   in order to detect the anomalies in the market acceptance of their own business model and regularly reflects about rejuvenating strategies.

Management focus versus Strategy focus

[1] Ralph D Stacey, Strategic Management & Organisational Dynamics, Financial Times Management 1993, 1996

One of the effects of the revolutionary impact of the internet society is that the frequency of the strategy cycle has increased from once every 5 year 20 years ago, until a continuous occurrence in today’s evolving developments.