The Leadership Development Toolbox (LDT) has been designed for supporting leaders and leading professionals in their self-development by creating awareness and deeper insight and by stimulating interaction, feedback and reflection about behavioural effectiveness and development of the leadership style and professional role portfolio.
Participants in the tool based LD-process will learn in three different ways:

  • Learn the ‘language’, i.e. getting acquainted with the models, concepts and definitions, enabling them to more precise address behavioural dimensions and styles and define personal development targets;
  • Learn more about themselves, i.e. interpret the scores of the self-assessments and those of their observers and by that and through the interaction with individuals in their own trusted environment understand the consequences of their personal behaviour and learn to see development options;
  • Learn in action, i.e. through active listening and by conscious practicing and apply lessons learned, realise change and development objectives in daily working situations.

LDT-based Career Counselling (LCC)

LDT-based Career Counselling is an offering for ambitious leaders and professionals who want to improve their self-understanding and accelerate their personal development supported by an advanced toolset.
Some larger organisations use  it as modules in their Corporate Leadership Development Program.

The LCC-process
The LDT-based Career Counselling process comprises of eight subsequent steps in which participants will gain new insights about their own qualities, pitfalls, personal behavioural effectiveness, their competences, motivation, fit-for-roles, style- and role portfolio, teamrole behaviour, contribution in innovation processes, and their short term and longer term development potential:

The individual learning and development process The individual learning and development process

I     Getting acquainted and Starting Up
II    Personal Leadership
III   Competences and Styles
IV   Professional Roles
V    Innovation and Change
VI   LDT360: Others' Perceptions
VII  Lessons from Observer Reviews
VIII Career Objectives and
      Personal Development Plan

The Leadership Development Toolbox
An important enabler of the LCC-process is the Leadership Development Toolbox (LDT).
The LDT’s purpose is to accommodate participants with a systematic tool for self-reflection and self-development. The LDT-reports are verifiable an excellent means for deeper self-reflection about the personal behavioural effectiveness and for the development of the individual role- and style portfolio. The thus acquired insights will help the individual leader in effectively performing his role and they will stimulate him by giving direction in his personal career.
Feedback from the personal network
The LDT360 process, which is integrated in the above described roadmap, is a process that systematically calls for feedback from the participant’s observers. This process relates to step VI and step VII from the LCC-process.
After step II the participant will invite his observers, by making use of his own portal on the LDpe-website, to complete a short questionnaire (it will take them about 10 minutes). In step VI, the results of their observations will be presented to the participant, who will receive extensive information for the thorough preparation and the stage setting for the feedback reviews with every individual observer. And after the observer reviews, the lessons learned will be the main subject for step VII.
Although this LDT360-process which, no doubt, will  be very valuable and educative, it may in some situations, for instance because of the working environment, be less desirable to apply in the actual case. In that case the steps VI and VII will be optional.