Continuous growth and change of the organization requires
a strategy policy and alert involvement of the entire team

The leaders of an organization must lead a number of different processes:

1. 'Ordinary Management' includes the the day-to-day operational activities; For top management this mainly means determining the goals and plans and for the entire leadership team the deployment of this and solving the problems and issues that arise on the way. 
Ralph D Stacey,
Strategic Management &
Organisational Dynamics
2. 'Extra-Ordinary Management' includes monitoring the company in its context, analyzing changes in the market and the relationship with stakeholders, but above all the development of a strategic course, taking bigger steps in the development of the company , such as takeovers, mergers, internationalization and new branches of services. And, of course, integrating these changes into 'Ordinary Management' (the 'Synthesis').
3. And, as a result of the development steps initiated, the project/program management of the realisation steps. It is not unusual that these types of major change steps, for the people in the company come more or less as a surprise. While the impact may be felt throughout the whole organisation. It is therefore wise to involve the entire management more closely in the strategic exploration and the formation of the strategic frameworks for the organization.
This is not very difficult, besides it is possible that the individual qualities of each of the leaders may be used effectively. And it can also organised such that it is come out extremely effective.
In the YoCoComp case study, the need for international growth of a larger consulting organization is felt deeply. After some failed attempts, it becomes the impetus to set up a responsible structure for 'extra-ordinary management' with the involvement of all members of the management group.                                 Click on the YoCoComp logo
for the download of a presentation about their approach
An important effect of this approach is the high involvement of all members of the leadership team in the development of the company. By putting together three sub-teams based on the individual personality of the participants, a responsible substantiation of the strategic decisions is created. Each team member contributes with his/her own creativity. This lead to that the company remained on track professionally, despite the expected important changes. Due to their strong involvement in the strategic direction of the company, the team members also conveyed to the YoCoComp employees that the chosen change steps were responsibly decided and they radiated positivity and calm through their motivation.