The Bluefinger Innovation Center (BIC) is located in the very heart of Zwolle.
This is quite uncommon, in most cases Innovation Centers are established in the outskirts of cities. As are offices.
During the latest decades, working places have been removed to the outskirts of cities.
Why did we choose to locate the BIC in the center of the city?
One of the reasons is that we want to contribute to the attractiveness and livelyness of the city, by bringing back a part of working to the city. The type of working that goes with connecting with each other and interacting.

Thinking differently
The case to the right, the analysis of the failing of shopping areas, already tells us that the real estate owners will not solve the problem of decrerasing attractiveness of the city centers. Not, when they keep on focusing on their own business model. How then, to stop this trend?

What makes city centers lively and appreciated?
Why do certain cities suffer more than others? 
Why is the city of Utrecht able to continue being lively and attractive. The answer is 'younger people'. Students who meet, have a drink at a pavement café, discuss, get to the cinema, visit the theatre and, perhaps, work together.

Example  of a wicked problem:
the decline of shopping areas in cities 
An irreversible trend where small and medium sized boutique-like stores gradually 
disappeared, being replaced by uniform chain stores has got an even more destructive successor-trend: the enormous growth of internet-shopping.
City shopping areas are now full of empty stores and vacant buildings. Sometimes a building fills temporary with a pop-up store.
Bad for the shoppers?
Not for all of them. Cheap execution sales can be popular! But it certainly decreases the city shopping pleasure for many of us.
But also not for real estate owners who always seem to be able to maintain high rental prices. High enough for making it very difficult to survive for shop keepers.
Real estate owners do not seem to care when shopkeepers go bankrupt and estate agents do not mind a higher frequency of brokerage transactions.
But what does it mean for the attractiveness of the inner city? And, what can be done about it? And who feels responsible for it?

Actually, a lively inner-city does not depend on fun shopping only. The Bluefinger Innovation Center fits, in our opinion, perfectly in !
To avoid high rental prices, LDpe became owner of our building. 
And LDpe has no intention to earn excessive money will real estate.
We keep on focusing on the added value of our services.