On the page 'Leadership Development in its context' we indicate 'a coherent set of processes that address all dimensions of leadership' to place LD in an organisational context.   However, the processes will be perceived differently from the individual’s point of view versus that of the organisation.
LDT is created for the leader himself, therefore it is important to also look at the process from the leader's viewpoint.
Besides the intrinsic motivation from the job activity, the individual leader will get his motivation from the progress in his career and will tend to see the job fulfilment from the angle of the career path.

The individual perceives the assignment as a step in the personal career, whereas for the organisation, the appointment of a leader in his role mainly means that ‘a resource’ has been assigned for fulfilling a responsibility and delivering results.

From the corporate’s point of view, it is crucial to keep the organisation running and the leader performing; therefore the organisation needs to create a long term perspective:
while offering the individual leader development opportunities and new challenges, make plans for possible successions in the leadership role.

The Leadership Development Toolbox is designed for supporting leaders and leading professionals in their self-development by creating awareness and deeper insight and by stimulating interaction, feedback and reflection about behavioural effectiveness and development of the leadership style portfolio.