Growth from inside and bottom-up

Especially after the Corona pandemic we suffer from a shortage of staff in several industry sectors. Many companies feel hampered in functioning and growth. 
But tthe situation will certainly last for a long time, the scarcity will probably be structural.

More than ever organisations need to put people in the center, and grow from inside and bottom-up.

Henk Bremer:
"When I started working with Capgemini in 1983, the Dutch organisation counted 150 professionals and internationally our headcount amounted to 3.500 people.
Nowadays Capgemini has more than 350.000 employees, IT- and organisation consultants. This growth we never would have realised without a clear policy of growth from inside and bottom-up.
With the Leadership Development Toolbox we actually have been able to accelerate the personal growth of our senior staff and the emerging leaders."


Corporate Profile Database
On the preceding page we introduced the Innovators Profile Database. LDpe has applied this type of database already for a long time for the support to specific client organisations.
In Capgemini this database included already in 2008 about 2.500 leaders (from Vice Presidents to 'Emerging Leaders'. These employees have used the Leadership Development Toolbox (LDT) in accelerating their careers. This effect is due to the fact that, if you get the details of your own development perspective, and your development scenarios, you will be enabled to effectively accelerate your career.
By the way, after Henk Bremer's retirement in 2008, the functionality of this unique toolbox has evolved ever since and the use of LDT-reports is not restricted any longer to leaders, nowadays the LDT can be used by all type of people.
A further development is the use of the LDT for teams and organisations.
Nowadays we help organisations to define the specific professional roles and set up a Corporate Employee Profile Database.
For every employee we then will present a development scenario.
By this, we can analyse the actual fit-for-roles of the staff and the effects of the individual quick-wins scenario. Se the examples below.

The Corporate profile database can help the organisation to grow from within and bottom-up by helping employees with their accelerated growth.
But also to set op Natural Working Teams and professional excellence group for discussing and description of professional best practices, setting up professional education processes and combining master-pupil relations.