For the professional staff, LDpe has developed a ‘general language’ of well-defined roles and competences. This has been widely applied in different organisations and a number of countries.
The definitions in the LDT-PR (the professional roles module) for Client Development Roles, Commercial Roles, Program Management Roles and the Change Management Competencies can be applied in most types of organisation (see under 'Leadership and Development' also the page 'Professional Roles Concepts').
With the LDT-MI (the Management Information module) we will together with your experts, ‘plot’ the commercial and managerial functions of your organisation on the strictly defined roles of the LDT, by combining these conceptual roles and by setting weight factors.
In the Fit for Role Analysis we will analyse every participant individually and create an overview of the results for the whole group. And for every participant we will produce a Quick Wins scenario.

We will show here a case of the Fit-for-Role Analysis with a representative group of 38 participants.
For three of these participants we show the Quick Wins scenario and the potential effects.

We will classify the participants
in 3 categories:
-    Probably fit for role
     (scores above 30)
-    Not yet fit for role
     (between 20 and 30)
-    Not fit for role
     (scores under 20)