How important Innovation is considered to be by governements and institutions may be diverted from initiatives like the FINCODA project:

A number of European Universities have pointed out the problem of identifying potential innovators at an early stage: 
'We urgently need new reliable and valid tools for innovation competencies assessment that could be used throughout the young innovators path from university to working life organizations. To improve the quality and efficiency of education and training and to enhance creativity and innovation, including entrepreneurship, at all levels of education and training we need active university-enterprise cooperation and valid tools to measure intended learning outcomes. This is at the heart of the FINCODA-project.'


Many organisations and their leaders understand rationally that internet has dramatically changed their market and that they themselves will need to gear up the development. But what should they do and how should they act?

But to make innovation really happen is not very easy. Innovation seldom happens top-down planned but it comes bottom-up emerged from the interaction of ordinary people.

Our approach: Creating the preconditions for Innovation & Change

With a specialist team of experienced leaders in innovation LDpe has developed an approach and designed a process to create the perfect preconditions for Innovation & Change. But before we describe this approach, in order to give you an idea about the untamability of innovation, we wish to give you an overview about the Nature of Innovation, which we give you in the next chapter.