Organisations need to innovate, but how to make it happen?

Most organisations and their leaders understand rationally that internet has dramatically changed their market and that they themselves will need to learn how to continuously innovate. But what should they do and how should they act?

Control over Innovation Control over Innovation

In our chapter About Innovation vi describe what has been said and written about the theme of Innovation.

In a recent Dutch publication Regie over Innovatie (2019), the author, Professor Dr. Ir. Bart Bossink, argues that it is possible to keep control over the innovation process.
See the scheme to the right.
He pictures the different parties, involved in innovation and presents an overview on what innovation is all about.

Under From Startup to Scale-Up we describe the problems of new enterprises, especially when they bring their well tested entrepreneurial ideas to the market and need to scale up their organisation, and how LDpe tries to support the entrepreneurs, their team, their organisation and even to bring about an ecosystem of innovators at a regional level.

Under Innovation in Your Organisation we propose a concept to innovate by mobilising the intellectual capital of the organisation, your non-management staff by organising them in creative Natural Working Teams, sponsored by the organisation's executives.

An under Enablers for the Process we describe a number of unique modules of the extensive toolbox that LDpe has developed over the years.

Our approach: Creating preconditions for Innovation & Change and composing teams with diversity in thinking styles and team roles

With a specialist team of experienced leaders in innovation LDpe has developed this approach and designed processes to create the perfect preconditions for Innovation & Change.