The Leadership Development Toolbox (LDT), initially created for the self development of leaders, has been used by more than 3.000 leaders and leading professionals in 25 countries.
The LDT has a proven record in:

  • Enabling the self-development of the individual leader/leading professional.
  • Supporting organisations in developing the quality of their leadership, obtaining more effective leaders and accelerating talent development;
  • Supporting organisations in improving the effectiveness of the professional organization (e.g. sales, account development, program- and project management, consulting, etc.);

The LDT enables:

  • The organisation to realise it’s effectivization program by creating insights in the fit-for-role status of the professional staff and defining individual scenarios for quick improvements in role-effectiveness;
  • The individual participant by a detailed insight in personal strength, giving guidance towards improved behavioural effectiveness and supporting the development of an extended leadership style portfolio and professional roles portfolio.

For the organization the LDT is a means to improve performance by improving the fit-for-role of it’s leaders and professionals and by a systematic development of its staff that will become more effective and develop its competences and style- and role portfolio.