Partly because of the disruption of the economic infrastructures by the Corona interventions, we see a huge staff deficit in a number of industry sectors. This may last for quite some while. Organisations must consider how to cope with this in the long term. 
More attention for the individual growth of every staff member is advisable, which will make it possible for the organisation to grow bottom up and from within.
But also organisations must become better in innovation and renewal.

On the page Unleash the Power for Innovation we suggest how you should mobilise your employees to play a role in innovation for your organisation.

On the page Gearing Up Innovation we sketch the outlines of a program organisation, in which your staff will work in so called Natural Working Teams (NWT's) with the mission to innovate (devising and realising innovative solutions).
This may be more easy to realise for the larger organisations. However, LDpe also developed concepts for the middle-sized and smaller companies. 
Together with MKB region Zwolle (the association for middle-sized and smaller companies in the fourth economic region in the Netherlands) we have developed such a concept. The program, named Mobilisation for Innovation (MvI) works with a multi-organisational team and it includes a Train the Coach program, where the coaches from the larger organisation also can help the smaller organisations.

And innovation can also be done bilaterally around a typical necessary change:
on the page Innovate with your client we show some examples.