What are the qualities of individual team members and what do they mean for the team results?
 -   Personalities, individual qualities and pitfalls
 -   Development perspectives, Teamroles
 -   Biases in strategic reasoning and thinking styles in innovation

Do the members of the team interact effectively?
  -  Do they really listen to and understand each other?
  -  Do they speak to others, inside or outside the
     organisation, clearly and with ‘one voice’?

What about the quality of your team's leadership?
   Is the team complete and is everyone aware of the role 
     each of the members is playing? 
  -  Is the team well balanced and is every team member fully
     involved and contributing to the delivery of the best possible

Does your team create the right preconditions for success?
  -  Are you and your colleagues aware of the organisation’s
     challenge under the ever changing market conditions and
     considering the emerging options of new technologies?
  -  Do you and your fellow team members challenge the
     prevailing paradigms of your organisation
  -  and does the team timely reflect about adjusting your
     business models?
  -  And what about the competence of your team and your
     organisation, for rejuvenating strategies and realising

Team Assessment

LDpe's Team Assessment Module was developed for step-by-step mapping the team, helping them to become more effective and initiating their growth and development.

Team Effectiveness Program

LDpe’s Team Effectiveness Program includes a series of one-day workshops for teams. Every workshop follows a well thought-out format and is supported by a unique enabling toolset.

In a systematic way, the team will stepwise strengthen its functioning, improve the interaction between the team members, who learn to deliver effectively as a team.

Subsequently, the team will focus on identifying its challenges, while testing and challenging its strategies and driving innovation.