The program 'Gearing Up Innovation' is a program for organisations that wish to unleash the power and creativity of their employees for the design of the next innovative step and for kicking off the anticipated change.

The program will create the right stimulating climate for outside-the-box thinking, idea generation, design of new products-services and re-invention.

It will have an impact on the organisation, will help the organisation to adopt to and play a role under changed market conditions, and make use of new technological trends and discinctive enablers for development.

Besides the ultimate goals of the program, it will certainly have an impact on all participants as well:


  • more effective behaviour
  • better teamwork
  • increased cohesion
  • developing individual talents
  • accelerated learning


Management Team (MT)

Governance, Accountability
Individual MT-members act as sponsors for NWT's
Funding the Program
Approval of Project Plans

Natural Working Teams (NWT)

Generating ideas
Developing Concepts
Defining Projects
Delivering Results


Sounding Board Group (SBG)

Supporting NWT's
Providing Information
Ideas testing
Helping, Facilitating
Creating preconditions for optimal working in NWT's

Preconditions (MT)
Trust and effective interaction in the MT
(evt achieved with the TE workshops I and II; see
pages Team Effectiveness).
► Belief in the Program and in the qualities of the employees.

Preconditions (NWT's and SBG)

► Enthusiasm about the possibility to participate
    and to contribute.
► Prepared to think outside-the-box, without boudaries.
► Co-operative attitude and willing to support peers.



  • Team Effectiveness IV (Workshop for the Management Team)
  • Peer Coaching (for NWT-members and SBG-members)
  • Sounding Board program activities (for Sounding Board Group)
  • NWT program activities (Ideas, Concepts, Projects)

General precondition

It is important that the NWT's really feel the stimulus for 'new-thinking' and that the MT make this clear by the way they define their ambitions, set the right type of objective (in TE IV workshop) and that the MT members really sponsor the development (and not in the way as in this video).