For the program 'Gearing Up Innovation' LDpe will create the right conditions for innovative solutions to emerge through composing potentially successful Natural Working Teams.

Based on the personalities of the participants we will create 'complete' teams (Belbin Teamroles - see example below). 

Example of a
Natural Working Team


NWT's score on 'Disruptive versus Compliant'

Thinking style paradoxes
After thorough analyses, we concluded that we would want to select team members based on a variety of thinking styles along the paradoxes:
- Outside-the-box versus Focused Thinking
- Associative versus Logical Thinking
- Disruptive versus Compliant Thinking
- Divergent versus Convergent Thinking
- Focus on Headlines versus Details
- Intuitive versus Rational Decision Taking 

- Prioritizing Values versus Norms

Diversity in Personality Traits

Every person will be, based on his/her personality, be biased, when considering solutions for a challenging problem; different personalities tend to arrive at different solution alternatives.
Only teams that are able to conduct a thorough dialogue on the pro's and con's of the extremes of a paradox (or a complex problem) will be qualified to find the innovative solution alternatives.

Designing Natural Working Teams including participants with opposite biases will enlarge the possibilities to find creative synthesised solutions.
LDpe's Advanced Team Design Tool will enable us to compose the right mixture of personality and teamroles, and create optimal conditions for innovative solutions to emerge.

By creating teams with a diversity in personality traits, such that the creative process will be stimulated to a maximum.
This is done by selecting the team members  with different thinking styles.