Le fondateur du LDpe

LDpe 's initiator, Henk Bremer, has many years of experience in organisational change processes. From 2001-2007 he was the active organiser of LD-processes within the Capgemini organization. He was the director of Competence and Leadership Development for Capgemini Continental Europe and Asia Pacific and the group project leader for getting LD implemented in the rest of the world. He retired from Capgemini early 2008. After his resignation he continued to have a close co-operation with Capgemini in many countries through the services of LDpe.

Henk Bremer is one of the few still active professionals who has been involved in ICT from the early beginning
He worked on one of the five first computers in Sweden and he was one of the first fifty students in the new field of Computer Sciences.
In the document below you can read about his reflections on the developments.
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About LDpe
LDpe is a networked organisation co-operating with clients, universities, institutes and other professional organisations, consultants and managers. LDpe invests in a number of unique toolsets to enable LD-processes at the individual-, team and organisational level. This has led to a successful implementation of such processes in different client organisations.
For instance, several thousands of leaders have been using the Leadership Assessment Toolbox that Bremer created in 2001 and many management teams have been engaged in team building workshops where, amongst others, his IM360 toolset is used.
Around the world a large number of qualified consultants have been educated and have certified as assessor for the use of LDpe's instruments.

Curriculum Vitae Henk Bremer

Period Employers
 1965-1966 Sveriges Meteorologiska och Hydrologiska Institut, Stockholm
 1966-1967 Statens Vägverk, Stockholm
 1967-1973 Uddeholms Aktiebolag, Uddeholm/Forshaga, Sweden
 1973-1983 Vroom & Dreesman B.V. / Vendex, the Netherlands
 1983-2007 Capgemini organisation
 2008-         Leadership Development processes and enablers

Henk Bremer (born 1943 in Amsterdam) has, during his professional career, in every role he played, been captivated by the importance of 'human capital' in the realisation of strategic change, but also by the contribution of management to the success or failure of the enterprise. In the first decade of his professional life, Bremer lived in Sweden, where he studied informatics and economics. He developed into an early pioneer in computerizing business processes. At a very early age he was promoted into a leadership role.

In the early seventies he came back to the Netherlands where he gave direction to IT in the fast developing Vendex organization (Retail). In the late seventies he operated as a trouble-shooter and internal interim manager within this conglomerate, holding executive positions at CxO level during the organisational change phase of new acquisitions.

In 1983 he chose for a management role in Capgemini, which went through a strong growth phase and developed into a prominent international Consulting and IT-services organization.
Bremer has, within the Capgemini Group, held a number of different management positions.

In the period 1997-2001 he led the program 'positioning and professionalizing management services'. In this program Capgemini Interim Management was established, an organization that delivers temporary executive management in the top of the market. Capgemini Interim Management puts a strong focus on developing leadership competences of the leaders in its network and on coaching its leaders during their engagements ('shadow management').


In his publication 'Management Sourcing, een strategisch vraagstuk in een dynamische markt' he described the, in the interim management world, rejuvenating concept of Management Sourcing.

From 2001-2003 he fulfilled the role of director Leadership Development for Capgemini Benelux. From 2004-2007 he has been working in a broader international context. – Capgemini Continental Europe and Asia Pacific. Early 2008 he retired from Capgemini.

Many client organizations in different countries show a great interest Bremers achievements in the field of Personal and Leadership Development and in the instruments he developed. This has led to an increasing demand. 
In order to be personally involved in delivering this type of services, in 2008 Bremer founded Leadership Development processes and enablers B.V. In this way he has made himself available, to be personally involved in the development and delivery of services to client organizations.
With LDpe Bremer delivers services to clients: organisations, teams and individual participants in LDpe's development programs, either directly or via the network of certified reviewers.
Bremer himself mainly operates in the Benelux and Scandinavia.
He closely follows the developments in technology and neuroscience and continuously connect new insight and concepts to the LDT-based development programs.