Complex Problems are problems that cannot be solved by a rational analytical approach. Most often we do not see a relation between cause and effect.
Often it concerns issues with a number of different stakeholders with their own interests and different possibilities to influence.

The facilitation of a group process with the different stakeholders, in search of acceptable solutions, requires professional guidance.
The participants in such a process must not only have an awareness of the own interests, but as well an open mind and the willingness to find new solutions, based on the common grounds with other stakeholders.

LDpe has, by means of the Group Process Competence Report, developed a tool, that will contribute to the awareness of participants, about individual competences that play a role in such group processes.

Not necessary to linger on the acknowledgement of your actual skills in this field. The report also provides development scenarios to increase your competences!
In the scheme below you see the simulation scenarios for a certain participant. You witness the competence growth of scenario 1 in the yellow field in the graph below and that of scenario 2 in the green dotted line.