How important Innovation is considered to be by governements and institutions may be diverted from initiatives like the FINCODA project:

In search of Innovators
'We urgently need new reliable and valid tools for innovation competencies assessment that could be used throughout the young innovators path from university to working life organizations. To improve the quality and efficiency of education and training and to enhance creativity and innovation, including entrepreneurship, at all levels of education and training we need active university-enterprise cooperation and valid tools to measure intended learning outcomes. This is at the heart of the FINCODA-project.'

The Fincoda project has a.o. delivered a Competence Model and LDpe has, in cooperation with the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, connected the Fincoda Model of Innovation Competence to the LD-Toolbox 
Below you see an example of one of many development reports.

But, as you also can see in the Fincoda Competence model, innovation is not something you can find in a single creative person. It is teamwork you need to innovate.

However, the LDT can help the individual to improve his/her innovation capabilities.
The simulation model, for instance, will guide the individual members of the team to develop innovation competence. 

In the example below, the proposed quick-wins scenario includes minor changes in the behavioural preferences Conventional, Democratic, and Conceptual. The results of these proposed changes will be stronger competences for Innovation Gathering, Innovation, Problem Analysis, Judgment and Teamwork. Probably the interaction with the team members will also contribute to achieve this.

Even if we can help individuals to improve their innovation capabilities,
innovation is not something that can be brought about by one single person.
Innovation can emerge when people meet and exchange ideas.
The nature of innovation is that it is not the result of deliberate design, innovation emerges bottom-up, by trial and error. 

LDpe's contribution to innovation is, that we, with the help of LDT:s Advanced Team Design Tool, are able to design innovative teams. We do this for instance in the program Gearing Up Innovation.
More about Innovation and this program you can read under the theme Innovation & Change of this website.