Snapphane Innovation Center (SIC) in Osby, Sweden, supports organisations i the South of Sweden in their effort to innovate by mobilizing their own personnel.
SIC co-operates with local authorities, education centers, institutes, coaches and client organisations.

Initiators of Snapphane Innovation Center

Roy Olofsson Roy Olofsson

Roy Olofsson 
Roy has long and broad experience as IT-expert, leader and coach. He is the owner of the company RO Innovation Aktiebolag.
Recently he moved back to his childhood region when he settled in Osby. On July 31st 2020 he was interviewed in the newspaper Norra Skåne; the full-page heading read "Osby, a golden location".
Roy Olofsson wants to focus on Ruralisation: when people move from the big city to the countryside for enjoying a better quality of life, whereas teleworking is a good complement for office work and internet reduces the need for coming to the office.
Osby has, according to Roy, a golden position: within 70 miles we have five airports, five Universities and 1,5 million clients. Vi are very close to the IKEA culture (13 miles from here IKEA was founded). We need to be more enterprising and we must admit that Osby has a great potential !.
You can reach Roy at:

The most southern Swedish County Skåne (Scania) was originally Danish until 1658 (Roskilde-peace).
The border district in the Northeast of Skåne was, during the the whole 1600 century, a scene of ruthless cruelties, during the fights between Swedes and Danes.

The closeness of Swedish and Danish armies spread fear amongst the inhibitants.
Many of them were forced to seek protection in the deep forest. Some enlisted in the Danish or Swedish army.
Others decided to battle for their own survival and freedom.
In this era the mythical Snapphane combattants took their place in Skånes history, with their epic and heroic interventions.

The wayward resistance and battle for self-determination of Snapphane combattants has inspired us in naming our Innovation Center after them.

Henk Bremer Henk Bremer

Henk Bremer, is Dutchman and lives in the Netherlands, but he speaks excellent Swedish and owns a villa in Osby.
He owns the company Leadership Development processes and enablers BV (LDpe), established in Utrecht, in the heart of the most populated part of the Netherlands (8 million inhabitants in a little area.
LDpe has Scandinavia as the second market (mostly in Stockholm)
Recently he moved to Zwolle, a regional center in the North-East.
In order to develop a market in the North-East of the Netherlands, LDpe has set up the Bluefinger Innovation Center and has developed a plan to set up an Imagination and Incubation Center in the City Center of Zwolle.
About the Imagination Center:
Because of the Corona crisis, many of the newly graduated young people face hopeless unemployment. The idea of the Imagination Center is to support these, still ambitious, youngsters, educate them (Personal Leadership) and organise them in think-tanks, to invent solutions for the wicked problems that organisations and authorities face in the wake of the Corona crisis and at the same time coach them in their personal development. The participants will start with a personality assessment, which is needed for the design of creative teams (Natural Working Teams, NWT) and for their personal development. The owners of the wicked problems they elaborate on will participate in the process as sponsors.
You can reach Henk at:

Together Roy and Henk have set up the Snapphane Innovation Center in Osby.
In co-operation with the authorities and other stakeholders they shape the centers' activities, in conformity with the centers in Zwolle, but customized to the local needs.
The participants, in principle unemployed graduates, will get individual training (the Personal Leadership Programme) and coaching and will be assigned in creative Natural Working Teams who will play the role of 'think tanks' search for solutions for the wicked problems of organisations and institutes, who will participate as sponsors and owners op the problems. 

The program will last three months with at least two months of participation in an NWT.

Participants in the Snapphane Imagination Center in Osby
will start their participation with a personality questionnaire as the basis for a self-development program (Personal Leadership) and for their inclusion in creative Natural Working Teams (NWT). The key instruments for this are the Leadership Development Toolbox (LDT) and the Advanced Team Design Tool (ATD).
After the three month period, each participant can either choose to continue in the Imagination Center, to take on an employment engagement (for instance) at one of the sponsors, or set up their own enterprise (startup).
The Snapphane Innovation Center intends to also create an Incubation Center as the home for Startups and Scale-Ups.