In the Program ´Gearing Up Innovation´ we apply the principle of Peer Coaching. All participants will have a specially selected peer, who´s personality differs on a number of personality dimensions.

In the example to the right, the selected peers         Cathy Ellison and Piet Hollander differ strongly on the dimensions Democratic, Caring, Conscientious. Competitive and Decisive.
Normally such different personalities would avoid each other, because they will be´in their mutual allergy zones´.1]
But once such peers meet and discuss the potential qualities and possible pitfall of their behaviour this will be a thrilling experience and excellent learning experience.

We will support the process with a summary of potential qualities and pitfalls of the higher and lower scores of the personality dimensions concerned.
See the report below. 

In the program ´Gearing Up Innovation´ the Peer Coaching will take place in a number of steps:
- Potential Qualities and Possible Pitfalls
  (Kernel Quadrants)1]
- Developing Executive Competences 2]
- Developing Innovation Competences 3]
- Developing Change Management
   Competences 4]

Other steps may be added depending on what seems relevant, for instance for professional roles, such as Client Development Roles, or developing the leadership style portfolio. 

1] See the Chapter about Kernel Quadrants on the page
   Awareness and Reflection: Models for Reflection under
   Individual L&D
2] About Executive Competences you can
   the page Awareness and Reflection: Successful Self-
3] About Innovation Competences you can read more 
   under the chapter FINCODA, in search of Innovators
   on the page Self-Development for students/young-
   professionals under LDT 
4] About the Change Management Competency Model
   you can read more under Leadership & Development

An integral part of the individual personal development enabling will be the development scenarios as produced with the help of the LDT Simulation Module. Below the example of such an advice for Cathy Ellison.

The effects of the above simulation scenarios will be reflected in the different reports we produce according the Legenda.