The concept of Organizing Innovation with Natural Working Teams, as presented here, is fully applicable for situations where you and your client have taken the decision to Co-Innovate.

The need to innovate, and maybe even to completely change a business concept, is especially urgent in markets that are under pressure of emerging technology or changing regulatory conditions.
For instance, in the Finance sector.

Especially players in the Finance sector will need to disruptively innovate their propositions. Not only the Blockchain will soon have a revolutionary impact on the way banks run their businesses, the enforcement of PSD2 in Europe will open up for new entrants.

However, it will be the consumers that will finally decide on who will be winners, based on how they adopt the new functionalities.
Suppliers of client interface solutions for financial systems will probably help to design and realize the 'killer apps'.

LDpe's proposition to boost innovation with the Gearing Up Innovation Concept is a unique opportunity for Co-Innovating together with your client.

Blockchains Touch the Core of Banking
In his book 'The Business Blockchain' William Mougayar indicates the prime areas (ATOMIC) that are going to be touched by the revolutionary development, caused by Blockchain technology:
 - Assets

 - Trust
 - Ownership
 - Money
 - Identity
 - Contracts
The blockchain is about decentralisation, disintermediation and distributed ledgers, which means that this technology touches the core part of the business model of banking.
Banks and Financial Institutions need to rigorously rethink their position and plans vis-à-vis each one of the above indicated prime areas (ATOMIC). They cannot ignore what happens when their core is being threatened.

PSD2 - the directive that will change banking as we know it
2019 is set to be a game-changing year for retail banking. As the PSD2 (Revised Payment Service Directive) becomes implemented, banks’ monopoly on their customer’s account information and payment services is about to disappear.
The new EU directive, to be implemented from 2018, opens the door to any party interested in participating in the finance market.