Although the Leadership Development Toolbox (LDT) primarily has been designed and developed for leaders and leading professionals, many of the functions of the LDT may successfully be used by talented, but still unexperienced individuals.
A number of the LDT's concepts and models are related to operational roles and functions, but even if the participant lacks experience, it may be interesting to get an overview of the potential role and style portfolio.
Besides, especially ambitious young professionals might want to accelerate their development.

LDpe's owner, Henk Bremer, has worked 25 years for Capgemini, a leading international consulting organisation.
See also the chapter about LDpe's founder under LDpe.
At the start of his employment in 1983 the number of employees counted 4000. Today Capgemini employs more than 200.000 professionals.
A large contribution to this growth has been realised by  the consequent development of young professionals.
Much of the experiences of accelerating personal growth have been brought together by Ben Elsinga in his Young Professional Career Accelerator Guide.


A number of European Universities have pointed out the problem of identifying potential innovators at an early stage: 

By clicking on the picture below you can download your own free copy of Ben Elsinga's YP Career Accelerator Guide.


LDpe's FINCODA partner in the Netherlands

University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Netherlands

'We urgently need new reliable and valid tools for innovation competencies assessment that could be used throughout the young innovators path from university to working life organizations. To improve the quality and efficiency of education and training and to enhance creativity and innovation, including entrepreneurship, at all levels of education and training we need active university-enterprise cooperation and valid tools to measure intended learning outcomes. This is at the heart of the FINCODA-project.'

The Fincoda project will deliver a Competence Model and a tool for assessing students and identify potential innovators.

LDpe has, in cooperation with the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, connected the Fincoda Model of Innovation Competence to the LD-Toolbox and support students in accelerating their personal development.

Below you see an example of one of many development reports.